What is it?

          The crypto currency is a new way of transaction but it is like the old existing type of money when it comes to earning it. Just because it is a new item in the finance market, it does not mean you can earn bitcoin very easily. It does take effort and there are many ways how you do it. However, the earning is quite inversely proportionate when it comes to the effort. When you say the market, it is not the mainstream market but the totally different one where the transactions are private and the ledger is common but within the group of people who use it in other words the block chain.

The methods:

          There are a few different ways how you can learn and buy the bitcoins online and there are sites with advertisements that you have to keep clicking that will add up to the bitcoins that you collect. But this is a cumbersome one as it takes a lot of time and energy to keep clinking on the advertisement and the money back is very tiny. There are online games which you can take part in and the returns are paid in bitcoins instead of fiat money or regular currency. You can make use of the method called as the bitcoin mining which is carried out by many people who want to add up to the collection of bitcoins. Then there is the bitcoin faucet method where you have to set up your own website and it takes a different kind of effort but here you generate the bitcoin and is an easier version than clicking on the advertisement and takes less effort.

The easy methods:

          There are some easy ways to earn bitcoin and it is by getting payment for selling products, and you can also use the exchange method as well.