The act of dabbing involves using convectional heating to smoke concentrates

Almost every day, you will come across something cannabis-related because of the buzz surrounding the global legalisation movement. In addition to new ways to enjoy your favourite strains, medical research touts their potential benefits as cool dab rigs for recreational and medicinal plants. Dabbing is one of the best ways to experience cannabis concentrates, made popular and fueled by popular demand.

This is a powerful way to enjoy your favourite herb since only a small dose is necessary to experience powerful psychoactive effects. Concentrates are full versions of your favourite herb, as their name suggests. Concentrates require cool dab rigs different from dry herbs, and you need special equipment and basic knowledge about what each type of accessory is capable of. Our guide to dabbing includes all the information you need, including how to choose the right dabbing rig.

Dabbing is one of the best ways to experience cannabis concentrates, made popular and fueled by popular demand. It is defined that dabs are concentrated cannabis doses produced by utilising solvents to extract the plant’s active ingredients into a concentrated form. Now that you know what a “dab” is let’s look at how to use them. To use a dab, it is necessary to heat it on a very hot surface called a “nail,” usually ceramic, glass, or quartz.

It has been around for a while but recently has gained traction as a popular way to enjoy the flood of cannabis concentrates hitting the market. “Dabbing” involves inhaling smoke and vapour from the day it’s heated. As opposed to conductive heating, dabbing uses convective heating to smoke concentrates. Convective heat is healthier, smoother, and more effective because it does not “burn off” and wastes the active ingredients in the concentrate.

Using indirect heat rather than a direct flame, the materials are burned at a lower temperature, which results in higher concentrations of psychoactive compounds, and a cleaner, purer, and better-tasting hit. It involves two key steps that makeup dab rigs. First, the main nail surface is heated with a torch. Then a concentrated dab is placed on it.

A dab rig is a specialised type of bong or water pipe, also known as a concentrate rig, that smokes dense concentrates using vaporised water. You then inhale the vapour through your mouthpiece, just like you would with a regular pipe. An atomiser or dab rig is essentially a water pipe with an extra attachment, such as a quartz or titanium nail that sticks out. This makes them simple to use and enjoy.