Signage Ideas for the Modern Era

Signages have evolved from traditional banners, and new forms and designs of signages have emerged. Visuals are the first thing humans notice before hearing, hearing, or touching. Therefore, visual appeal is the best way to create an impression on the audience. event signage are the solution for this.

Nowadays, normal signages are growing out of trend. They make a visual appeal and are informative but not creative. Inculcating creative ideas to make the space more interactive is crucial in today’s digital world. Let us find some of the new-age signage ideas for events.

Neon and Led lighting

Led and neon light signs are popping and catch the eyes the most. You can be sure that the people would notice what the neon or the led sign says. They are modern, sleek, and urbane. They are customizable in any size, font, and style.

Wooden and Chalk Board signs

This is a reusable and eco-friendly option and also quirky and neat. These handmade signs add a human touch and are also simple to create. These can be used as way finders or menu boards.

Wearable Signages

Today with the development of printing technology, you can incorporate brand logos and event names or launch products into t-shirts. Make your staff wear them and create brand awareness. You can also distribute caps to an interested audience. You can also offer goodies like coffee mugs, pens, coasters, key chains, etc., printed with your brand name.

Inflatable signs

These are a massive success at stores today as the inflated balloon structures attract kids and adults alike. You can create a brand ambassador doll in an inflatable balloon and create statement pieces. They are easy to erect and also transport. You can also create small inflatable balloons for logos and stage decorations.

Graffiti and street art

These are in vogue now. Creating a mural graffiti wall with everything you want to say represented in the image could become the centerpiece of your event.


Decide the purpose of your event and your budget. You can customize all the signages for your need and preferences and use them to their full potential. New trends like chalkboards and graffiti are environmental-friendly compared to the traditional plastic and vinyl banners.