Finding The Right CBD Tincture For Your Horses

CBD Tinctures are topical medications that can be applied directly to the skin or orally. They can be made from a wide range of cannabis varieties. CBD tinctures are not addictive because they don’t contain any THC, meaning they don’t produce the ‘high’ feeling associated with marijuana use.

Many¬†CBD Tincture For Horses is available in various forms, strengths, and flavors. It is essential to understand that these products are each unique to the individual who takes them and have very different effects depending on the person. To find the right CBD Tincture for your horse’s specific needs, you must first ensure they meet certain criteria:

THC is one of more than 100 cannabinoids in marijuana, so it is considered a ‘psychoactive’ ingredient. If it is present in your CBD Tincture, then you will likely experience some effect when taking it. If your product contains THC, you will probably not be able to fly after taking it.

Depending on the strength of your tincture, you may want to consider using it in conjunction with a non-psychoactive pain reliever. This will help combat any side effects associated with marijuana use. For example, you might consider taking a non-psychoactive pain reliever before flying after using your CBD Tincture.

CBD products

Your CBD Tincture should contain very little to zero alcohol content. Alcohol is a drying agent and will decrease the effectiveness of CBD and increase any potential side effects associated with marijuana use. If you would like to give your horse some after-effects other than falling asleep, consider using a CBD Tincture that does not contain alcohol.

If you are looking for an alternative to traditional pain relievers, and your horse is already accustomed to taking substances orally, consider choosing a product meant to be ingested instead of applied topically. This will make it easier for your horse to adjust to the change in routine while reducing the potential side effects of taking medications orally.

Consider the flavor of your CBD Tincture. If it has an unusual or unappealing flavor, it might not be as easy for your horse to take regularly. If you want to keep your horse’s routine, consider a CBD Tincture that does not contain the taste associated with marijuana.

Look at this helpful infographic to understand how to find the right CBD Tincture for your horse! Rely on our decades of experience providing natural products to horses and ensure you choose the best product for your horse.