Virtual Data Room is the online protected data sources that are used for storage and allocating data. Virtual Data Rooms are used while there is a requirement for strict privacy of data.

Firmex Data Room delivers a secure text sharing solution to specialists. Firmex VDR solutions could be used by compound processes similar diligence, compliance, also litigation. It is used in numerous industries like business and legal. While setting up the system, operators can expect a consistentaid from the Firmex Clients Services squad and even go to one-on-one training. The retailer also has in-house support squad’saccessible round-the-clock help to platform users.


  • Drag-and-drop capability for uploading the papers and folders.
  • It delivers functionalities similar watermarks, restrictions on seeing, printing, and saving of documents, as well as functionalities like dying access to the papers.
  • Auto-indexing.
  • Reporting for text activity.

The Virtual Data Room derives with a fresh, easy-to-use, and instinctive interface and is plannedprecisely for running deals. It offers superb text security and control features plus even helps users save time through allowing them toward upload files in bulk. Separately from that, it features instinctive dashboards, user also group management, complete reporting insights, and DRM.

strict privacy of data.

Firmexretailer has an expert squad who is continually ready to support the platform users or even toward simply response their queries. The support agents are accessible around-the-clock so whether you meet troubles with the software through the day or night otherwise even on holidays, support is just one call away. Learning resources, one-on-one training, FAQs also video tutorials are correspondinglyaccessible so learning how the scheme works would not be a trouble. By this kind of support, you couldconfirm that you can make the maximum out of the software even if you are not the maximum tech-savvy distinct out there.

Firmex Data Room offers you an online space toward keep your significant documents and data protected. It uses the same data centers used by financial institutions also banks thus you can rest certain that possible data threats are minimalized, if not removed. The platform comes through Digital Rights Management (DRM) also is stored in ISO qualified data centers. Moreover, the tool features a document termination and multi-factor verification to make sure that the files are retrieved only by the lawful individuals.

Firmexoffers the virtual data room solution which is apposite for complex procedures like diligence. It is ironic in features and is used through professionals to share a protected document.