The top benefits of video games for children

There are aspects to which families have to be attentive to video games. Some children have trouble quitting or changing activity. Others have mood swings during or after playing, or are hyper- focused (excess concentrated). And there are children who are reserved or obsessed with video games. However, they also have some advantages.Visit for free spins and coins.


Studies suggest that the reading skills of children who play video games may improve slightly. It also seems to be true in children who have difficulty reading, and even when it comes to action games.Go to for free spins and coins.

Researchers think this is because children need to decipher written instructions to play. There is also the fun factor. Children who are reluctant to open a traditional book can hurry to read a website or an Internet forum to find out the latest information about their favorite game.

However, that does not mean that video games should replace books.

 top benefits of video games for children


Many games, such as Minecraft, are developed in 3D virtual scenarios that children have to go through. And there is no GPS or app to guide them.

The result is that children when playing have the opportunity to practice their Visuospatialskills, and therefore better understand distance and space.


In every video game there is a challenge. Some games can be mechanical, such as Space Invaders. But others, from puzzles and mystery, to the administration of cities or virtual empires, offer children the opportunity to find a solution to a problem.

Some researchers say that children who play these video games improve in three areas: planning, organization and flexible thinking. But don’t get too excited. It is not clear that these problem-solving skills in games are applied in daily life. There is no evidence that so-called “brain training” games can improve skills when applied to the real world.

Social connections

Some children have difficulty integrating and making friends in real life. Video games can be a tool where you can find people to interact with in a positive way. The games allow virtual appointments to play with real friends.

Video games are also a topic of conversation at school, as well as sports and music. Having an interest in games can help children with difficulty to propose topics to talk about.

But on the other hand, children who have difficulties in real-life social situations can also have them in virtual situations.

Professional careers in video games

The 16-year winner of Fortnite’s first world cup won $ 3 million. The other 99 finalists each won between 50,000 and $ 1.8 million.

As in professional sports, the probability of becoming a professional video game player is very low. However, the video game industry is growing much faster than traditional sports and entertainment. There are many professions in this industry, such as programming, marketing or event organization.