Mistakes to avoid while buying a pair of shoes

If we are not observant and do not take time, the shoes buying experience can become a headache and even lead to disappointment.So that this does not happen to you, we have listed the most common mistakes we make when buying. Click here for arch support shoes singapore.

Buy without knowing the shape of your foot

Did you know that the feet have different shapes? It is common that for not knowing we buy a shoe model that does not favor us and even if it is of good quality, it hurts or tightens even being the correct size. Visit this site for arch support shoes singapore.

Not trying on shoes on both feet

The human body is not 100% symmetric. We have one leg barely longer than the other and the same goes for our feet. For some people the difference is almost imperceptible, but for others the size can vary from 1cm to 1 1 / 2cm so it is important that you choose the size of the largest foot, and to get out of doubt try on the footwear on both feet.

Forcing shoe size

Many times, we fall in love with a model so much that we want to take it home with us. But what happens if you feel it touching your heel, or your fingers? A common mistake is to think that it will adapt with the use or that if you have enough you can fill it with cottons. It is better that you walk a few steps with him and lean forward, if it does not come out or squeeze, it is for you.

Buy a model for a special event

You have an elegant commitment and you want to look spectacular, you buy a beautiful model and when you want to use it again you realize that it does not combine with a casual look, nor to go to work, you realize that it is very cute, but not versatile. To avoid this, choose a shoe that allows you to combine it with several looks and in different meetings.