How to find the bitcoin price today

Bitcoin is a consensus network and designed to provide a new payment system and the digital money. There is no middlemen and central authority in this payment system. Users of the bitcoin worldwide nowadays consider the bitcoin as the cash for the Internet. They are very conscious about the bitcoin price and guidelines to invest in this first crypto currency. They do not ready to compromise their expectations about the cryptocurrency trading. They can read unbiased reviews of the reputable cryptocurrency trading platforms on online in detail and get an overview about the overall favourable things from trading at one of these platforms.

The supply and demand of the bitcoin

The supply of the bitcoin is an important factor affecting the bitcoin price. The two different things impacting the supply of the bitcoin are the bitcoin protocol which lets new bitcoins to be created at a fixed rate and the total number of bitcoins the system let to exist. Every new bitcoin is introduced into the bitcoin market when the miners process the transactions. The rate at which the bitcoin is introduced is designed to reduce over time and it keeps on changing. Keep in mind that the demand of the bitcoin increases faster than the bitcoin supply increases. The halving of block rewards offered to the bitcoin miners is an important reason behind the slowing of the bitcoin circulation growth.

The bitcoin supply is concern by the total number of bitcoins exists and this number is capped at twenty one million. There is no chance for the mining activity used to create the new bitcoins when this number is reached. The price of the bitcoin after this number is reached is depending on whether it is readily usable in transactions, legal and in demand which is based on the bitcoin’s popularity