Make a Safe Transaction Without Any Extra Fee or an Intermediator

Every user of the bitcoin network has secret access for their account which can’t be used by any other. Only the user is able to make a payment to buy a new coin. During the process of selling and transaction, the user has to complete the verification process. After verifying that the person handling the account transaction is the user, the miner of the bitcoin network permits the transaction process. The other person can’t simply cheat during the transaction process.

The users can check the bitcoin price live and plan about the transaction. During a big size transaction, the person has to wait for permission from the authorities. But in the bitcoin network, the transaction dealing will occur between the two users. There is no higher authority going to play a role in the transaction process. The bitcoin transaction is a peer to peer network process; the users can make the transaction process by themself without the help of intermediates. The miners of the bitcoin network only verify the user’s identity to permit the transaction.

Manage Your Investment and Transaction

Some people will transact the bitcoins to the other users to make a payment for their business dealings. The crypto currency is not a government printed currency; the value of the bitcoins will vary frequently. So before making a payment through bitcoin, the user should check the bitcoin value. While buying, selling, or transacting the bitcoin price live is to be checked by the user.

During a normal payment, there may be an intermediator who will ask for commission to the transaction process. During the bank transaction also there is a transaction fee charged for that person based on the amount. But during the normal bitcoin transaction, there is no extra fee will be charged like an agent and bank transaction fee. Investing and making a transaction through bitcoins offer more benefits for the users.