The 5 types of freezers you should know about mini fridge?

Apart from the criteria of choice to be analyzed in choosing the right freezer, there are five main types of freezers. Have a look at them before buying. Click here for cooluli mini fridge review.

Chest freezer

Chest freezers are the best known since they are the pioneers in this area. These are the ones with the largest volume since they do not have drawers. They have the disadvantage of opening only from above and require more space on the ground. They are suitable if you have a cellar for example or a large cellar. This type of freezer generally consumes less than other types and has greater autonomy. Visit this site for cooluli mini fridge review.

Upright freezer

Cabinet Freezers, whether freestanding or built-in, look like normal refrigerators. They fit well in a kitchen and are more technologically advanced in terms of the type of cold (mostly ventilated cold).

The advantage is to have drawers that allow both to store your freezer, but also to better store your food and frozen in the long run. Indeed, foods placed on each other as in a chest freezer will keep less well than being separated and spaced.

Underground freezer

Built-in freezer

Freezers can also be built into kitchen furniture. There are all the heights, allowing to fully integrate the decor of your kitchen.

You can opt for a freezer of small size ( 90cm for example or less), as for large size, like a freezer cabinet.

They are however only cabinet type, that is to say, that they have drawers and are generally equipped with ventilated cold.

Underground freezer

These freezers are like under-floor refrigerators and have a height of about 85cm to go under a plane of your kitchen.

These are actually small cabinet freezers. If you have a small kitchen with little room, they are ideal.

As they are small, they do not need to be equipped with ventilated cold, they are usually all with static cold.

Bar freezer

Finally, the freezer bars are generally the same size as the refrigerators bars that you find in hotels. They have a height of 55cm and can integrate well in a kitchen without taking up too much space, even be arranged on a kitchen plan.

They can also fit in a closet in your bedroom, or in a closet in your living room to have easy access to ice cubes for example.

In the same way as underfloor freezers, freezers are equipped with static cooling.