Live chat software: because operator comfort is important!

Many organizations underestimate the importance of providing operational agility to agents. Seeking customer convenience, they forget that providing operators with simplicity is equally important. Unless their agents are relaxed and comforted, they cannot help clients as they should. Too much work, hardship and error will decrease dramatically, not only the productivity of the operators, but also the quality of customer service. Given the importance of providing operational flexibility, real-time chat software consists of features that guarantee maximum operator comfort. By reducing your workload and increasing productivity, the software strives to provide 100% customer service efficiency. Here are some chat software features that help operators:

Canned Message Library and Knowledge Base

Canned messages are literally a lifesaver. These predefined and correctly tailored answers not only allow operators to be quick, but also help provide the most relevant answers to customer requests. When a customer asks a frequent question, operators can instantly insert the corresponding canned message into the chat window.

The software knowledge base library contains all the latest information about your company’s products and services. It constantly provides its operators with updates so that the most accurate information is provided to visitors. It also consists of customer data, market analysis and chat history, which are designed to keep the operator in the know.


Smart chat routing

Another noteworthy feature of astratalk chat support software is automatic chat routing. This function is aimed at reducing the manual labor of operators and allows them to focus only on customers. What he does is that he automatically directs customers to the appropriate operators. When the agent is busy, the client will not remain in the queue and will be automatically redirected to the free operator. In the same way, the function will deliver the client to the operator who seems more legitimate to solve his problem. At the same time, this will allow operators to focus solely on resolving customer requests.

Real-time monitoring and web analysis

This software feature automatically tracks the movement of visitors and analyzes traffic. Accurately calculate the conversion rate and provide data on the types of customers who visit your site and on the products that receive the most visits. You can also find a potential buyer and send an automatic invitation to visitors. This feature, such as automatic routing, also reduces the burden on operators, allowing them to focus only on chatting and solving customer problems.

To provide quality customer service and ensure the comfort of visitors, it is important that the operators who manage their real-time chat software have simplicity and flexibility in their work. Chat software consists of innovative and advanced features that help its operators provide quality services, reducing their workload and giving them the opportunity to focus on effectively solving customer problems.