How dinosaur night light becomes a best friend for your kids?

The playful unicorn –shaped or dinosaur night light works easily as a lamp, where just you need to tap on the head of the dinosaur. You don’t want to worry about dino hunt as this toy is a BPA-free silicone toy with the elastic body. This silicone body of dinosaur night light toy looks as like the real dinosaur where the body of the dinosaur is fixed with color altering LED light that can lasts for up to 8 hours of time. The battery of the toy is created for utmost energy efficiency where it gives only 2 watts of power with the brightness of 3 lumens while still maintaining the performance quality. The dinosaur night light will lasts for 4 hours of time on single charge and this lightweight accessory weighs only less than one pound. So, it is easy to pick up and you can move the toy to another place. With the soothing and glowing LED light variations you can decorate your bedroom to give a best look. This light lamp gives a best look to your kids bedroom also make them to have a good sleep at night time.

Highlights of dinosaur night light lamp

Some of the highlights of dinosaur night light lamp are mentioned below and these things make the night lamp to be different and unique compared to other light lamps. These below things found to be best features of the dinosaur night light.

  • Long lasting LED light illumination casts offers ambient glow and soft
  • Rechargeable battery – where you no need replace the bulbs
  • The weight of the toy is only 0.875 lbs
  • Average life of the battery is 10,000 hours after that you need to replace the batteries.
  • This toy is ideal one for bathrooms, family rooms, kid’s bedroom or nurseries.
  • This toy is a made of BPA silicone body which is durable and washable one
  • Designed for the indoor use
  • It is appropriately suitable for all age group people

The dinosaur night light toy is found to be best suitable one for kids where they will be playing with this toy happily also this toy acts as a best companion for them where they will feel happy. When you place this toy in their bedroom then it makes them to have a secure feel where they will be sleeping well at night time. Moreover, this toy comes in variety of designs and colors also these toys have different variations of LED light glows where this looks beautiful during night time and in dark area. The different color changing feature makes this toy to be unique one compared to other kid’s toys.