How the Junonia shell is so popular and rare?

One of the rarest shells you can find in this world is the Junonia shell. The shell is really beautiful as well as has a smooth texture with one single tooth at the end. The original name is the Scaphella Junonia which is a species of marine gastropod mollusk or a sea snail in water. The snails have only one foot as by this they go here and there. The single foot helps them to climb, flap, or swim easily. Their organs are always inside their shell so that they can protect them. The body of the shell is spotted and the snail is yellow in color with similar dots on their body. The stature of this snail is usually small and they poke shyly out of its shell. and when any storms come the shell goes along with it and gets any shell seeker.

Why it has a unique name?

The word refers to the Roman goddess Juno who was the counterpart Hera. In old times Jupiter was her husband and she ruled the Queen of gods. She was there always to protect women and their houses. She was a symbol of a powerful woman who towered over all those who thinks that she was not that powerful. The beautiful Junonia shell represents grace, power, and self-sufficiency. The shells are durable and people love to have them. The snail lives for a long time underwater and the shell washed to shores. And this is a blessing from Juno herself because of this.

Why this shell is rare?

The Junonia shell is rare as well as highly coveted among beachcombers and this snail lives on the ocean floor. The snail when dies its shell is more likely to stay buried than to travel. That’s why because of storms and hurricanes so that the shell can be washed off to the shore. The size of the ScaphellaJunonia is small and can be easy to overlook at the time of shelling. People see this shell as a holy symbol of life itself. The rarity factor of this shell contributes to as well as support its natural beauty. You can find many myths and mysteries about this gorgeous Junonia shell which makes them more alluring.

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