What to look for when choosing photocopiers for a company or office

Choosing the right device for reproducing and printing documents is a real challenge for someone who is not completely familiar with the subject, the more so because the market abounds in the variety of models and companies of these devices. Therefore, if you decide to buy or rent a photocopier or a multifunction device, it is worth considering which device  office supplies phoenix az will fully meet your requirements and will be tailored to your needs without exposing your company to high costs.

How to choose a photocopier? First Selection

 If you are only interested in printing texts, documents, or plans, it is better to choose a device that offers monochrome printing. Certainly, from the very beginning, this decision will not burden the budget as much as it would have been in the case of buying a color photocopier. It should also be remembered that with the selection of a color device office supplies phoenix az, the expenses for its maintenance (consumables) also increase. So let’s consider whether you really need the color.

Paper size

Another and equally important point that you should consider when choosing an office photocopier is the supported paper size. Reception desks, accounting offices, and secretaries usually choose A4 format devices. Larger dimensions will be useful, among others, in architectural offices.

Paperweight – how to choose a photocopier?

Important if you plan to print on paper other than standard office paper. It is worth paying attention to if you want to produce documents on photo paper, whose weight can reach up to 200 g / m2.

The amount of monthly demand for printing

You already know which paper size to choose and whether you will print in color or black. Now sit down and analyze how many copies your office will generate monthly. This is important because when you make your choice, you plan to service and operating expenses right from the start. The device specifications contain information about the monthly load that the machine can “carry.” If these standards are regularly exceeded, you can expect higher costs and more frequent visits by a technician. To sum up, choose adequately for your requirements. Otherwise, you gain nothing, only lose.

Productivity – how to choose a photocopier?

If you plan to use your new device intensively, think about the additional options you will need. All manufacturers offer the possibility of adapting photocopiers to planned needs. You can choose the basic version – with the cover or if you copy a lot with the automatic document feeder. The best ones are those that offer a one-pass function (they scan simultaneously on both sides, which reduces the photocopying process by half). It’s also worth choosing a duplex copier that offers double-sided printing and networking if more people are to use the device, and fast document flow is important. You can also optionally purchase additional paper trays – this will certainly reduce the need for frequent refills.