Everything You Need To Know About Dota Clan Guide

No brotherhood, no bunker

There are only a few teams of professional teams that have dedicated their entire DotA team. Most non-professional DotA players are true friends or friends who have met online while playing DotA. Before creating a clan, you must gather all your friends who play DotA and play as a team, no matter how new they are. Even if you lose, the experience is more important. Friendship and, ultimately, fraternity is a chain that connects all team members.

Don’t let DotA occupy your heart exclusively

The majority of DotA players are young people who usually go to school. Dota 2 battle cup wins brings us the desire to win, the satisfaction after the murder and all the happiness together. However, we must put study, work and life at our highest priority. Reality is still reality. Point no. Tell your teammates.

As a leader, you must recognize the efforts made by your teammates.

Give credit to your teammate after winning. Take responsibility after defeat.

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Celebrate your victory, but you should also see the replay after the defeat.

This is to verify if you made the right decision at the right time. It is helpful to discuss with your member how you can improve your teamwork in certain situations. This is better than playing another game. Although watching repetitions is very boring, it is very important for the team to grow and improve teamwork. As a leader, don’t scold your teammate for wrong actions, but suggest the best way to deal with the situation if this happens again.

Team leader should be usually the best player and performs solo work

Improve your rail skills. In non-professional teams, the team leader is usually the best player and performs solo work. If you can control and repress the enemy in the center lane. Try telling your teammates that you are doing a good job so they don’t get nervous or worry too much if they don’t feel very well.

Improve the skills of teammates

Improve team skills. It is also important to improve the skills of teammates. You can ask them to play a 2-by-2 game for 15 minutes and see the progress of the game. Give suggestions and try to convince your teammate to succeed. In this way, they can train their teamwork and collaboration. Skills are important, but teamwork and collaboration are equally important.